Globbing files

There is a component for that, FileGlobber (click link for GoDoc API documentation).

A sketchy example, showing how the FileGlobber component can be used, is shown below:

package main

import (

func main() {
    wf := scipipe.NewWorkflow("wf", 4)

    // Initiate a new globber component. Since it is not created from the
    // workflow object, it needs to take the workflow as its first argument,
    // in order to connect itself properly to it.
    globber := components.NewFileGlobber(wf, "globber", "./somedirectory/*")

    // Initiate a command that does some processing on all the globbed files.
    // Extend the command below to do some meaningful processing on all the
    // globbed files
    otherProc := wf.NewProc("otherproc", "cat {i:in} > {o:out}")

    // Run the workflow

Then, given that you have a number of files in a subdirectory called somedirectory, these should now be captured by the globbing component, and sent to otherProc for processing.