Interacting with an HPC resource manager

This is being worked on right now (issue #38).

What you can do right now, is to use the Prepend field in processes, to add a salloc command string (in the case of SLURM), or any analogous blocking command to other resource managers.

So, something like this (See on the third line how the salloc-line is added to the process):

wf := scipipe.NewWorkflow("Hello_World_Workflow", 4)
myProc := wf.NewProc("hello_world", "echo Hello World; sleep 10;")
myProc.Prepend = "salloc -A projectABC123 -p core -t 1:00 -J HelloWorld"

(Beware: This is not a full code example, and won't compile without some more boilerplate, which you can find in the introductory examples)

You can find the updated GoDoc for the process struct here.